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  • Driving licences in English

Driving licences in English

Szkolenia i Kursy Prawo Jazdy Wrocław

Welcome to the courses of the driving license category B and A with Akademia Dobrej Jazdy, which  is one of the very few schools in Wrocław perform ing professional lessons in english. You can join our courses three months before reaching the age of majority. Course includes 30 hours of theory (30x 45min.), and 30 hours of practice (30x 60min.). Additionally we run classes for people who already have a driving license and would like to practice in city traffic of Wrocław.
As a company, we focus on the quality of training which is confirmed by gaining six time in a row 1st place in WORD ranking (passing exam for the first try), and certificate ISO9001: 2009.







All theoretical classes are based on the latest regulations, using the best available books/programs. We prepare the student to the new (not so difficult) theory test, showing that a positive attitude and a relaxed atmosphere are the key to mastering the knowledge!

If You esteem a more direct contact with the instructor, we offer You an individual classes, that are absolutely adjusted to individual needs of clients by organizing them in preferred time and date.

Come on for meeting with our instructor, who will explain you what you need to register for a course and then decide.






The practical part runs on KIA RIO. All classes are conducted by qualified personnel (including examiners!), which adjusts the method of implementation of the training program according to the needs and expectations of the customer. Thanks to modern learning solutions, we prepare student for practical exam best as possible.

Practical classes are held all the week long: in the mornings, during the day and in the evenings (6am – 22pm). Each student individually select hours of classes for his personal needs.



If You have any questions call 713455216.